Light Pink Silk "Rinzu Naga-juban" with Fine woven Flower Patterns, Embroideries on the "Han-Eri" Collar #0106
Material	"Rinzu" (Figured Silk Satin)
Entire Width (Sleeve to Sleeve)	128 cm/50.4 inch (approximate)
Body Width (Shoulder to Shoulder)	63.5 cm/25 inch 	
Length	130 cm/51.2 inch 
Sodetake (Length of Sleeve)	52cm/20.5inch
Condition	Very Good Condition!
There are some slight yellowish discolored parts on the "Han-eri" collar.
(Refer to the pictures, please.)
Comment	This "Kimono" is a "Naga-Juban", a kind of inner "Kimono" which one wears between the undergarment and the outer (normal) "Kimono".
"Han-Eri" is the collar part of "Naga-Juban". "Kimono" experts often changes "Han-eri" and get a new appearance.

Light Pink Silk "Rinzu Naga-juban" #0106

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