EXCLUSIVE Obi - Brand New!
Silk "Gold Label HONCHIKU Hanhaba-obi (Half Breadth)" Black/Gold with Woven Arabesque Stripes Patterns #0359

Item OBI for KIMONO Width about 15 cm/5.9 inch
Item No #0359 Length about 360 - 370 cm/141.7 - 145.7 inch 
Material Silk 85%, Synthetic Fibers (Polyester)15%
Condition Excellent Condition! MADE IN JAPAN

There are 4 ranks on the certification of "Honchiku" products. And "Gold Label" is given to the most exclusive and high quality product. "Honchiku" is an abbreviation of "Honba Chikuzen", which means "product genuinely made in Chikuzen, Hakata of Kyushu district Japan". It's characterized by its solid texture. Many "Kimono" experts said "Honchiku Obi is easy to tie and keep the knot well" and love those.

HONCHIKU Hanhaba-obi (Half Breadth)" Black with Woven Patterns #0359

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