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Chinese HANGING SCROLL #1718

Primary Material: Paper/Silk

This calligraphy scroll describes like this: "In a desolated mountain, there is no sounds, no sigh of life, nothing but the silence. That makes me feel acting for the attaining of enlightenment. And hearing the wild birds singing through a valley, very far from here." This calligraphy is Chinese poem written by Chou-etsu who was a statesman in Tang dynasty in China (618〜907 AD). This was when he visited a temple beside the Yo-u-Ko lake in a mountain located in southern area of China.
Technique: Originaly Handpainted; Roller Ends: Plastic
Condition: Very good, though there are a few stains and a few wrinkles overall. Antique status!

Size: 58cm x 183cm 

Age: around c.1930

Chinese HANGING SCROLL #1718

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